The Best Driving Schools in El Paso, Texas (December, 2021)

Do you want to learn to drive? Find your perfect school!

Best for Teens

TDLR License #214


Best for Adults

TDLR License #116

Best Teen Drivers Ed Course in El Paso:

If you’re a teen in El Paso, the best way to get your license is through We make it easy to get your license on your schedule, saving you time and money! Take this course if: You’re between the ages of 14 and 17 and have a parent that can help! Why it’s great: lets you take the course on the go on your schedule. With state of the art learning, you’ll be able to retain information effectively!



Best Adult Drivers Ed Course in El Paso: Aceable

Are you over 18 and need to get your Driver License? Drivers Ed courses are much shorter if you’re no longer a minor. The most popular Adult Drivers Ed Course is Aceable. Aceable lets you take drivers ed on your phone! to get started with actable you can visit their website or read our review!

How much does Drivers Ed cost in El Paso, TX?

Average Drivers Ed Cost for Teens and Adults [Online and In-person] in El Paso, TX

On average the price of Teen drivers ed is $40 for online and $300 for in-person. For adults, the average is $30 for online and $100 for in-person.

The cheapest drivers ed in El Paso, TX

Drivers Ed can be expensive and it’s important to find one that works for your budget. At the same time you want to make sure you get the best education out there, driving is serious business. Luckily for you there are options that meet both of these requirements!

Cheapest Drivers Ed for Houston Adults: This cheapest option for adults is an online 6 hour class, you can view a list of all courses approved in the State of Texas here.

Cheapest Drivers Ed for Houston Teens:

How can I learn to drive in El Paso, TX?

Are you a teen that wants to learn to drive? Getting your license doesn’t have to be complicated.

How to get your Learner's Permit or Learner License as a Houston Teen

Are you a teen that wants to learn to drive? Getting your license doesn’t have to be complicated.

How to get your Drivers License as a Houston Teen

Online Drivers Ed
In-Person Drivers Ed

How to get your Drivers License as a Houston Adult

Want to learn more about different drivers ed courses you can take in Houston? Read our complete guide that will help you get on the road and start driving, whether you’re a teenager or an adult!

What age can you drive in El Paso?

Just like in the rest of Texas you can drive with a Learner’s Permit once you are 15. Keep in mind you’ll have restrictions in place until you get older. Did you know you can begin drivers ed at the age of 14? But you won’t be able to get your Learner License and drive until you are a minimum of 15 years old.

In-Person Drivers Ed Companies in El Paso, TX

While learning online is cheaper and effective, some students learn better in-person! If that sounds like you take a look at the local driving schools you can find locally.

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Driving in El Paso

Driving here is a bit crazy, you don’t really know what to expect. But over time you’ll see patterns start to emerge. Some tips for driving here (but also work for other places) follow the speed limit, drive defensively, and obey all traffic laws. It’s like they say, drivers here are wild!

Driving Facts: How El Paso Drivers Measure Up To Other Texas Cities


Ranked City with the most DUIs


Ranked City with the most green vehicles

Ford F-Series Pickup

Most popular vehicle in El Paso


Ranked City with the most speeding tickets


Ranked City with the most failure to yield violations has researched how drivers of different cities compare to one another. These facts can help you understand how El Paso drivers act compared to other drivers in Texas. By using data we’re able to get detailed insights into how people drive!

Driving Accidents in El Paso

It’s no surprise that drivers here have car accidents. Ranked #143 in Texas. What does that mean for you? Be careful on the roads and make sure to drive safely! Sometimes you can’t avoid an accident, but being aware of your surrounding and driving defensively you can can help reduce the chance of an accident.

Speeding in El Paso

Speeding is a dangerous and costly habit. Drivers here have been found to ranked #71 in Texas with regards to speeding infractions per driver, which means that they are at an increased risk for accidents as well as having their license taken away or getting into hefty fines if caught by law enforcement! The consequences from excessive speed can be severe not only on yourself but also those around them such as fellow road users who may get hit due the reckless actions you took while driving without regard for others’ safety – these types situations should remind us why we must always stay safe on our roads; there’s no point risking unnecessary harm when life-saving precautions like staying under the speed limit are available.

Driver DUI and DWI Frequency in El Paso

DUI’s are more common than many people think, ranked #91 in Texas. Drinking and driving is never an option no matter how little you drink. Don’t get behind the wheel of a car if you have been drinking. Do you want to get into a fatal accident? You are not only risking your life but also the lives of others.

Most common car in El Paso

The most popular vehicle is the Ford F-Series Pickup. This means that if you’re looking to buy one, it might be best not just for yourself but also your friends and family members who will want access too! The trendiest car on our streets vary depending where people live or travel around this beautiful city of ours – though there are some models everyone can enjoy no matter what part of Texas their lives take them.

Read more: The 9 most common cars in Texas

Rude Drivers in El Paso

Rude drivers are those that commit offenses like failure to yield, improper backing, or tailgating. Ranked #27 among Texas cities, there is still work to be done!

Safe Driving in El Paso

The squeaky-clean driving record is a badge of honor. Drivers here are ranked #40 in Texas. Having a clean driving record is a good thing to have and can potentially reduce the cost of car insurance!

Failure to Yield in El Paso

Drivers here rank #2 in failure to yield violations per driver across all cities in Texas. This poses a danger not just for other motorists, but also themselves- when you don’t wait for green lights and end up causing an accident it’s your fault!

Green Thumb El Paso [Hybrid/Electric Cars]

As auto manufacturers increasingly turn towards producing greener car models, more and more motorists are embracing hybrids. Ranked #70 in Texas for their hybrid/electric vehicle ownership. The market has not yet seen a significant shift away from traditional gas-powered cars but there is certainly no slowing down when it comes to innovation especially among tech companies like Tesla who continues making waves with its groundbreaking innovations which include introducing self driving features onto some luxury SUVs already on sale today!

Other Nearby Locations

Current El Paso Driving Conditions

It’s important to keep up with driving conditions near you during severe weather and freezing road conditions. This interactive map provided by TxDOT can be used to help you plan driving trips!

El Paso Driving Facts

Best Online Parent Taught Drivers Ed Course in Austin:

The easiest way to get your Driver License in Austin, TX

The easiest Drivers Ed Austin, TX has to offer.

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Under 15 Years Old

While you can begin the course at 14 years of age. We cannot issue you a Learner License Certificate until you are 15 years old (In accordance with state laws that are out of our control). Come back on your birthday and take the quiz to earn your certificate!