Alternatives to Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed

Instructor Taught Drivers Ed

Instructor Taught Drivers Ed is similar to Parent Taught Drivers Ed. Everything is online, except you do the behind the wheel hours with a driving school. If your Parent isn’t eligible or available to teach you, this is a good option. For more information visit the following resources:

Parent Taught Drivers Ed VS Instructor Taught Drivers Ed: Which is best for you?

The complete guide to Texas Instructor Taught Drivers Ed

In-Person Drivers Ed

In-Person Drivers Ed means nothing is online. You’ll go to a driving school and learn about driving, then you’ll drive with in an instructor. This method is the best for people that aren’t able to learn as effectively online. If you need to the classroom experience.

Parent Taught Drivers Ed Vs In-Person Drivers Ed Which is the right choice for you?

The complete guide to Texas In-Person Drivers Ed

Minor Restricted Driver License​

Also known as a Hardship License, this license is available to you if you meet all the requirements:

  • Below the age of 18 and at least 15 years old
  • You must complete and pass the driver education course, vision test, knowledge test, and driving test.
  • Pass the vision, knowledge, and driving tests

You also need to prove one of the following:

  • An unusual economic hardship on the family of the minor
  • A death-related emergency
  • Sickness or illness or disability of family members
  • Enrollment in a Vocational Education Program

Waiting Until You’re 18​

If you’re almost 18, it could be a good idea, to wait. Once you’re 18 you’ll be able to get your license much faster. You’ll be eligible to take an adult drivers ed course. The course will be six hours longs and then you’ll be able to take a driving test and drive. If you want to have more confidence when driving, it’s probably better not to wait. While the course may be longer when you’re under 18, it contains more information to help you on the road.

What to do if you’re almost 18 and need to take Drivers Ed

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